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Emails.....no Hymel's!

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Road Tripping Locally.....

Recently my people (friends, family and friends that are family) decided to road trip about 40 minutes outside of Baton Rouge for some local food, history and the nicest people you will ever meet.

This resulted in a visit to a long time standing (45 years), local place near the Mississippi River called Hymel's. Pronounced "emails"......strange, I know but......

Knowing we would be "partaking" that night, we were responsible party people and hired a driver and a van to take us on the gorgeous countryside drive to our destination. As we passed tiny churches and lovely homes on large acres of land (with a to-go beverage in hand because, well, that's what you do here in the deep south, AND we DID have a driver) we took in and enjoyed all the sites along the way.

Upon arrival at Hymel's we were greeted by a non assuming honkytonk if you will, with cars lined every where. Man, I wish I had done a better job of taking pictures that night.....guessing I "partook" just a bit too much?......This place was packed. I was not feeling confident of a table anytime soon....

The sweet hostess at the door was a tiny powerhouse and had been a fixture there forever. My SSH had to get on his knees to dance with this lovely woman at the end of our night. The place had a band playing a great mix from all genres of the 40's to the 2000's......Most of the crowd was on the dance floor and lining the bar area.

This place reminded me of some of the places I grew up around. Places my gandfather would take me.......wholesome people, with deep roots around family and clean fun.

My SSH and I danced more than I think we have ever danced in the last 4 years, and I had enough "partaking" to allow him to swing me around and make me look really good.....he also had a fan club of older women who just loved watching my tall, handsome guy do the old fashioned dances they grew up with.

Debbie was our waitress who guided us through the menu and didn't steer us wrong! Let me tell you this was Southern Louisiana food at it's best. Fried pickles, crab claws, raw oysters, fried catfish, etc......FANTASTIC, but oh so sinful....

We made friends with a fun couple at the table near us who bought "shots" for the men at our table and we happily did the same for them. I was "partaking", but I am not crazy.....this girl did not want to be "under weather" the next day.......I can say that my SSH did struggle through the next day a slight bit.....

I cannot wait to go back to this place. It was filled with REAL people, friendly faces and a sense of community that the South is known for......Next time with the "mini's" for sure!

Oh, and DO NOT forget to order the "fish bowl" beer! Truly an icon in this place!

You can find info on Hymel's history and the menu at:


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