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Mardi Gras/Anniversary At The Beach!

This year our anniversary (5th year) was spent at our beach home with family and friends.

This was a PERFECT group/mix of people to enjoy and spend the week with! I love these people more than anyone could ever imagine. I feel like they have been a part of me my entire life despite it being a few short years.

Thank you God for these gifts.....

This amazing life included days at the beach, afternoon at The Pearl having drinks, lazy dinners, time on the boat, movie night, golf, and an unreal Chef's Tasting Menu at Emeril's Coastal Italian.

Oh, and some very unexpected gorgeous long stemmed roses from the SSH. He never ceases to surpise me and make me feel love, appreciated and special!

My "girls" and I did some fantastic "retail therapy" and will post about that haul later! YES, it was a HAUL! Thank you, Barefoot Princess!

See a recap of our fun via photos below!

Those amazing roses my SSH surprised me with!

Days on the golf course!

Beachin' it with the family!

Baytown Mardi Gras parade with the babes!

Daddy and his "Pooter"......

Nights hanging out & playing games! AND WINE....LOTS OF WINE!

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