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Pizza & The Sea

We are an incredibly blessed family, God has been very good to us. One of those blessings is a second home in Destin, Florida! While the SSH and I spend allot of time there, our young working children have less flexible schedules but we can count on the for at least one MAJOR trip a year with the whole family......We just returned home from our "family" trip with the kids and had an amazing time!

While plenty of time was spent hanging out in our kitchen and cooking, we also got to eat a some local favorites with the "mini's".....(not so mini anymore)!

It would not be a trip to Destin without a visit to Pizza By The Sea, San Destin Market Shops! We are thrilled that this pizza spot has opened a location near our home and it can be enjoyed at some point each trip without having to make a treck to Seacrest Beach or Santa Rosa Beach.

My husband and I are "pizza lovers" if you will. If I knew that my back side would not spread out the size of Italy, (ok, spread anymore than it has) I would eat it every day......and sometimes I do if SSH is traveling. Pizza pairs well with vodka tonics, believe it or not......;-) Hell, everything pairs well with a good VT or as they call them in our house KAT-A-TONICS! They have been dubbed this name because I (Kat) make them and they can be quite powerful.....Truth be told, I am not a good "day drinker". It makes me sleepy, lethargic and no when one waits until the 5 O'clock hour to drink, well the first one needs to "make its mark" if you know what I mean.....LOL!

Ok, sorry you lost me on a rant......back to the pizza!

On this visit, we enjoyed the pizza with extra cheese please! This place has THE BEST CRUST anywhere! It's thin, crunchy and wood fired........FABULOUS! But, there are times when I must limit my carbs (say it isn't so....) and have the Yum Bowl. IT does NOT disappoint. There are several options but the "no noodle" lasagne is a favorite. Perfectly layered ricotta cheese, sauce, mozzarella and meatballs AND sausage. Oh baby, YES! Back the truck up.......

Oh and did I mention cheese, LOTS of cheese?!!!

Next time you are in Destin/Miramar Beach, go check out Pizza By The Sea. They can be found online at:

Instagram: Pizzabythesea

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